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(Feature film in post-production. Debut: 2017/18)

"Suddenly life" is a movie family that promises to make you laugh, surprise and show that, as crazy or disconcerting the stories are, the family is always our place!

Eolis Kitesurf School

(promo - 2017)

Eolis is a specialized Kitesurf school located in Cabanas de Tavira, south of Portugal, that offer you all you need to practice a sport for all ages, men and women, all year long.

Perdidos (co-prodution)

(Feature film debut in 2017)

When a group of friends fail to lower the ladder of their boat, they find themselves stranded in the surrounding waters and struggle to survive.

(promo - 2016)

Instituto Superior Técnico aims to contribute to the development of society, promoting and sharing excellence in higher education in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Science and Technology. Técnico offers Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes, lifelong training and develops Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) activities, which are essential to provide an education based on the top international standards.

Jogo de Damas (co-prodution)

(Feature film debut in 2015)

Following Marta's wake, her five best friends decide to spend the night at a rural tourist getaway that Marta never got around to opening. That long night becomes a maze-like journey through their interconnecting friendships, where each reveals herself as it was the last day. On the eve of the burial, the talk is about life and a friendship that survived it all. But will this friendship be able to survive death?

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