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MasterDream has developed an Recruitment Database for professionals in the Cinema and Audiovisual industry.

The goal is to introduce the professionals dedicated to this activity in the region and simplify the colaboration process in audiovisual productions.


The Recruitment Database cover the following áreas:

- Production (Managers - Production Assistants - Production secretary)

- Director (Director - Director Assistant - Recorder)

- Audiovisual Journalists

- Event Production

- Art Department (Art Direction - Set Designer - Decorator - Decoration Assistant - Plateau Assistant- Carpenters)

- Wardrobe (Costume Designer – Wardrobe Supervisor - Wardrobe Assistant)

- Hair and Make-Up Stylists

- Lighting Technicians (Chief Electrician and Electrical Assistant)

- Camera Operators

- Sound Department (Sound Director – Sound Recorder)

- Video Mixer Technicians

- Sound Mixer Technicians

- Post Production Editors

- Graphic Designers

- 3D Animator

- Motion Graphics Technicians


Want to be part of the crew team? Just send your CV by email to

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