Hugo Albuquerque

• leader by nature

• his long-term experience translates into the ability to manage multiple teams and companies

• multitasking capability


25 years. It's not Hugo's age, but the equivalent of his experience in different areas of Audiovisuals, with special emphasis on Cinema and Advertising.

Since the start of his career, he has done all sort of functions, so he is an excellent manager of teams and companies. He knows every procedure of production, but always learns something new in all the projects that he gets involved (and also shares what he knows with the team!).

Leader by nature, he manages to coordinate the various teams and get the projects done.

Using the comparison with a superhero, Hugo's super power is multitasking. It still lacks the gift of omnipresence, but we all believe that it will not be too long before he finds a way to do it!

Founder & Director

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